silver member => rp. 500.000 - 1.000.000

gold member => rp. 1.000.000 - 2.000.000

platinum member => rp. 2.000.000 keatas

The hotels in and around the Jakarta area are generally all of a very good standard as you would expect from any major city particularly a capital city or a city with a vast business interest. Jakarta is a great place to visit for any purpose has it is positively teaming with culture as well as modern and international influences making it a very cultural place to be as well as providing a number of historical attractions and the incredible shopping and nightlife. All of this is of a very high standard and with the hotels located all around the city, the main concentrations of hotels which are actually of the most interest are the hotels located around what is known as the golden triangle where almost all of the large conferences are held an there are wealth of luxury international hotels all offering incredible accommodation as well as unbeatable business and conference facilities. There are many different types of meetings all of which are obtainable in most of the hotels in this area. The golden triangle is located only 35 minutes from the international airport and there are plenty of modern leisure facilities and shopping malls located around this area as well as other tourist attar attractions.

The room available at the Jakarta Hotels is often offered as a number of different standards ranging from the standard rooms through to the executive rooms and there are almost always a number of suites which can offer as many as four different bedrooms and luxury living areas as well as increased levels of luxury throughout the entire area. At all of these hotels you can expect many facilities as standard such as the air conditioning as well as comfortable bathrooms which are en suite and of a luxurious standard as well as satellite television and DVD players and some incredible furnishings and beautiful levels of d├ęcor